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My Writing

I have a love/hate relationship with writing. On the one hand, I love to take my readers on a whirlwind tour of my mind and the stories lurk there.

On the other, like my mind, those stories are mine. Do I really want the world to see what goes on in there?

Well, here's your chance to get a sneaky peak inside!  

'Point of View: It's all relative, really' is my first collection of short stories and essays. 

I have since published 'Time is of the Essence', another short story collection and 'One Step Ahead of the Storm: An eight-year-old's Down Under Adventure', a memoir 

I'm currently revamping the latter into a fictionalised, but fuller account of that trip Down Under, so look out for it soon!

Other books in the pipeline, include more short story collections, an apocalyptic, dystopian trilogy, and a collection of PI Stories.


I find short stories easiest to write and the ideas just flow. 

You can read excerpts from my published stories by following the links!

My poetry, as sparse as it is, explores the depths of emotion and reflects on life. Feel free to explore my poetry here.

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