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Time is of the Essence joins Point of View: It's all relative, really as another  short story collection and both are now joined by my memoir, Always One Step Ahead of the Storm: An 8-year-old's Down Under Adventure


 I've always loved to write, but sadly didn't save all I've written. I've learned my lesson! I have three novellas in the pipeline - Angel of the Morning, Psychotic Justice, and The Eden Trilogy as well as another short story / memoir collection, Discovering the Light.  I plan to publish Psychotic Justice mid 2019. The rest will follow!


In the meantime, check out my first two collections of short stories and my memoir, available as an e-book or paperback from Amazon. If you'd prefer it as a PDF, please send me a message on my Contact page and I'll let you know how!

Point of View; It's all relative, really, paperback, book cover
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