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Point of View; It's all relative, really, paperback, book cover
Point of View: It's all relative really

ISBN 978-0-473-33203-7

This collection of short stories, poetry and essays highlights the truth in the statement that “everyone has a story to tell”.  Phoebe lays a fresh perspective on the ordinary, and not so ordinary, events of everyday life in her 13 stories, seven poems and three essays.


Her writing style emphasises the point that even the mundane can become interesting depending on the points of view of the reader and the story teller.  It’s all relative, really.


The collection is named for “Point of View”, her winning entry of the 2002 Golden Key International Honour Society Literary Achievement Award for Excellence in Fiction. “Point of View” is a fictionalised account of the effect of the September 11  tragedy in 2001 on the lives of three survivors and clearly demonstrates the theme of this collection.

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