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Collaborating with other authors

I do love writing, yet I'm so aware that it's a solitary existence. I'm often in my own head thinking, even when I'm out walking, or playing golf, or at the supermarket, or lazing at the lake. And, although we are both highly intelligent people and have a lot to discuss, a lot of time with my hubby is spent with our working on our own projects. So, to be able to share with other writers is wonderful.

One way I do this is through their blogs and really appreciate the wonderful support people like Jennifer Blanchard ( and K M Weiland ( provide - although I do dip into a lot of other blogs and websites. I feel a strong connection with other writers this way.

Another is to communicate directly with other aspiring, and successful writers. I love reading their work, commenting and hoping that I can add value, sharing resources, rejoicing when they publish, and generally furthering our craft of writing together. I'm totally enjoying the process of co-authoring with my friend Beth Krodel. It's a slower process than we'd both like, as we live in separate time zones and have vastly different lifestyles. But we do make progress.

Support in any endeavour is so necessary and I value the willingness other writers have to share their valuable time and resources with me. I draw inspiration from you, even when we are not directly in contact for a while.

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