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Day at the Beach

I didn’t get a chance to do a blog yesterday, but I wanted to share my experience, so here’s what I would have written ...

For an August Bank Holiday in England, the weather was delightful. We woke to brilliant sunshine and although I had planned a day dedicated entirely to writing, a day in the rare British sun was just too good an opportunity to miss.

So here’s what I did:

Drove to Saltburn-on-Sea – well, I didn’t drive, Ewen did. There was typical bank holiday traffic so an under two hour journey took about three hours. We listened to music on the way, and, to make the best use of my time, I decided to write. My next project (!) is a collection of ‘conversion’ stories, so I thought I’d begin by writing my own. Now I’ll talk more about the new project later, and don’t worry, my other projects are still in hand, but just briefly, my vision is for people with different religions and world views to explain to each other how they came to believe, not in an effort to convert someone, but more as an exercise in understanding and accepting other viewpoints. I haven’t devised my questionnaire yet, but if you’d like to take part, please send me a message and when I’m ready to proceed, I’ll get in touch with you. Right, that’s that said! So, I did a bit of writing on the journey.

Once there I …

* Wandered along the sand – barefoot!

Grounded myself

Paddled in the water

Took a few photos

Wrote a few more lines

Learned how to take a panorama shot on my phone (see above!)

Chased a few insects away

Caught a few rays of sun

Breathed in the fresh, salt air

Watched the tide come in

Watched the wind turbines off the coast further north at Hartlepool

Collected unusual rocks

Found some fossils (well, Ewen and the girls did)

Had fish and chips on the way home

Watched the sunset as we drove the three hours home (still bank holiday traffic!)

Regrouped my soul and reconnected as a micro family

All in all a successful writing / relaxing day in the sun. I think everyone needs a day at the beach occasionally. If I did nothing else today, it would have been a success. Today I appreciated this beautiful world just that little bit more.

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