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It's okay to have an opinion

I've noticed that on Social Media forums, people are often attacked when they voice an opinion contrary to the opinion of the post author.

Current hot topics seem to be: the issue of same-sex marriage; what defines a 'woman', or indeed, a 'man'; and religion versus atheism to name a few. If I don't feel marriage should be redefined to include same-sex couples, that is my opinion. If you do, that is yours.

Similarly if you don't believe in an all-powerful being who created us and has our best interests in mind, and I do, does that give me the right to belittle your non-belief, or does that give you the right to mock me for mine? No, and no.

Our opinions are just that - opinions. We all have them and indeed, are all entitled to them. They are shaped by our experiences, our beliefs and the codes we live by, but they are still just opinions and we should all feel free to express them and feel safe in doing so.

I will be asking family and friends to submit their opinions to my blog. My hope is that these opinions will generate discussion. All I ask is that we respect each other's opinions. You never know, what you read here may change your opinion. It might change mine. But even if we still hold to our own opinions, through the opinions of others, we will understand the diversity that makes up this largely wonderful and exciting world we live in.

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