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Music to Write By

If I'm writing alone, or I just need to be undisturbed in a crowd, and have no other thoughts going through my head other than the words I'm trying to get out of there, I put on some music.

Music without words is best as it lets my imagination flow. I have a few favourites on my YouTube, or thousands (no exaggeration) of songs on my computer, but I wanted to share with you a new artist Ewen found and shared with me. Well, I don't think he's new, but he is new to us!

His name is Scott Davis and he composes his own music, but also does piano tributes of some of his favourite rock icons. I've just been listening to his 'Rockfluence' album and, well, the pieces are inspirational.

So, even if you don't want to empty your mind to free up some inspiration space for writing, listening to his albums are worth the download.

Now ... back to my novel!

(Acknowledgement - Picture nicked from Scott Davis's Facebook page).

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1 Comment

Stephanie Hammond
Stephanie Hammond
Aug 30, 2017

Music is soul food to me! So do I write better with music playing? I'll have to test that one out.

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