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Secrets - Excerpt

The old man is heavy on her. She can hardly breathe. His sour breath overwhelms her. Rancid sweat drips onto her flesh as he satisfies his lust with her nine-year-old body. She shudders.

“Do you like this, honey,” misinterpreting her shudder of disgust.

She squeezes her eyes shut and silently prays.

She hurts, but it’s no use crying out. There’s no one to rescue her.

Someone knocks at the caravan door.

“Joe, you there?”

“I’m busy,” he growls. The would-be visitor leaves and Joe rolls off.

“He spoiled it.”

She gulps in a huge breath and regrets it. His rank body odour and sour breath rush into her lungs. She fights the urge to vomit, and lies there, shivering.

“Get dressed and git!” he orders her.

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