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Time is of the Essence

ISBN 978-0-473-41166-4

Time marches on. Use it wisely...

These stories all have ‘time’ as their theme. Some deal with a specific point in time while others explore time in other ways.

For example, A Moment In Time is a mystery with overtones of ages past, A Modern Fairy Tale tells a light-hearted story of how two people might meet, and Bonnie and Claude explores how relationships might develop over time. 

I have included stories resulting from interviews I had with three ex World War 1 soldiers, two of whom were imprisoned during the war, one in Europe and the other in the South Pacific.

My favourite of these results from a 2002 interview with Eric Abraham, who at the time was 102 years old. I wrote a short piece about some of his experiences, intending to write more. He died a few years later and I regret not taking the time to speak with him again. 

I hope you enjoy this collection!

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