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Welcome - 19 October 2015

Everyone has to start somewhere, so here's my beginning! I'm new to a lot of things, blogging being one of them, so I thought the best place to start is to introduce myself!

I know there's a blurb about me elsewhere on the site, but, did you know I've recently turned 50?!! Well, I have. And it wasn't the horrible experience I was expecting! The day passed like any other, except that a lot of people said: "Happy Birthday", I had messages from family and friends all over the world... and I had CAKE!!! Other than that, I didn't feel any different. I didn't feel like my life was suddenly over. And, most importantly, I didn't feel OLD!

What I did feel, though, was excited! I have now lived for half a century, raised five children with varying degrees of success, lived in three different countries, have started my own business in partnership with a friend, am setting up another business with my mother, and, for some reason, I feel like my life as an author is just beginning.

Beginning? While it's true I have always written - at least for as long as I was able to hold a pencil, and my mother can probably tell you about stories I used to make up as a child, but I have now published my first book. It's not the novel (s) I have periodically been working on, but it is a collection of stories I've observed over the years!

So, yes. At the wonderful age of 50, my new life begins. Travel my journey with me, and along the way, we'll get to know each other better!

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